About Me

My name is Amanda.  I homeschool my three children.  I have way more plaid shirts than any one person should have.  I have a sweet tooth that just won't quit.  My husband is a carpenter and I've heard more times than I can count "you mean, like Jesus?"

We just moved to a 2 acre homestead and I have no clue what I am doing, but feel like I am already living the dream.  After years of living on 1/11th of an acre, we have more dreams than we can handle for this little plot of land.  For now we only have a few feral kittens, and baby chicks on the way, but I hope that in a few years I can come back to this blog and see how far we've come.  I hope there will be many more animals to make their home here.  And a big garden.  and who knows what else we can dream up!

I hope you enjoy reading through the posts as we fumble along in our journey!